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Dirty Dwarf Forge is owned by experienced craftsman, Devin Griggs. Originally from New York, Devin is currently working to build his business in the UK and expand his workshop. 

He has always had a keen interest in working with his hands. From taking apart and analysing the inner workings of toys as a child, to breaking down and rebuilding his classic car as an adult, Devin's passion has spanned across years.

Blacksmithing and metalwork called to Devin for as long as he can remember, but he's always excited to try any new skills. Over the years, he has broadened his knowledge into woodworking, small electronics, automotives, and more. 

Why Dirty Dwarf Forge?

Devin pulls inspiration for his work from many places, including movies, mythology, and video games. He has always felt a particularly close kinship with Dwarven craftsman from a myriad of fantasy and mythology stories, Tolkien's Middle-Earth being a particular inspiration. 

The image of a hard-working and charcoal-smeared Dwarven blacksmith seemed to fit Devin like a glove; and so the name was born. 

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