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Artisanal work is a way for me to explore my hobbies. I am inspired by video games, movies, and fantasy aesthetics (especially Dwarven). I enjoy throwing myself into projects that allow me to explore new skills and find solutions to everyday problems.


My artisanal tends to be more elaborate or one-of-a-kind items and is mostly for myself. However, I can replicate these kinds of items, copyright permitting, and I'm happy to discuss anything you would like that has a more fantasy flair than my usual commissions. 


The items here may not always reflect the same level of quality as my welding and blacksmithing as it is purely experimental or for fun. But, if you were to commission me, you could expect the same level of quality as any of my usual work. 

I will always be open and honest with you about my level of skill and will advise you on the kind of cost the product may incur. 

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